The company operates in Thailand and its principal activities are management, new business development and sales & marketing in the following business fields :

The VTEC Blood Diagnostics division has been working side by side with Thailand’s blood bank agencies for over 15 years. We are experienced in delivering goods and services expertly tailored to our clients’ conditions, working hard with our partners around the world to bring the best of the best to patient and donor care.

The VTEC Medical Devices Division was founded to supply Thailand’s medical industry with the apparatus it needs to ensure high quality standards throughout their critical operations. VTEC Medical Devices currently focus on blood storage and blood product collection, supplying such world-class products as William Laboratories Safe-T-Vue® and Haemonetics® MCS+

The VTEC’s Women Healthcare division is committed to many aspects of healthcare for female patients. Cervical cancer is the most preventable of all forms of cancer, and yet it is the most common cancer affecting women in Thailand today. With adequate screening regimens and use of the right technology, early signs and risk factors can be detected and managed. VTEC’s Women Healthcare division offer the world’s leading technologies for comprehensive cervical cancer screening and diagnosis, promoting a healthier future for Thailand. In addition to cervical cancer, our range of products is constantly expanding, now including Maternal fetal medicine specialized which are Down’s syndrome and genetic screening test, pregnancy monitoring and cervical dilators

The VTEC Cell Technology and Life Science Division was established to consistently advance the standard of cell technology related clinical care Thailand. We achieve this by providing support and access to international technology to both clinics and research labs, ensuring that the standard of care in Thailand rises in parallel with what is possible.

In 2009, PanScience has begun to supply Thailand’s cosmetic market with the world’s best high-end cellular cosmetic products. We seek, test, and distribute innovative products that we are confident will improve the standard of living for Thai people. PanScience is the exclusive supplier for Cellap Laboratoire’s Cellcosmet and Cellmen skincare ranges in Thailand.

The Venus Technology Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) division was founded in 2002 to provide Thailand’s industries with outstanding Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solutions. We design LIMS to meet the diverse needs of modern industries, including web and mobile application support, and are the exclusive supplier of STARLIMS products in Thailand